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Grief Unveiled

Oct 29, 2018

Tender curiosities:

  • Where does the fear of slowing down come from? How the “grief hustle” is similar to the “hamster wheel”.
  • Pain, fatigue, and fog: Your body is saying “we need your attention”.
  • The two most common body signals emanating from grief, and specific practices for interpreting these messages and bio-hacking your way to relief.

“I feel exhausted.” | “My body feels heavy.” | “I cannot think through this fog.” | These are just a few examples of the tremendous toll grief takes on our physical bodies. Symptoms are often chronic, but we don’t take them seriously. Instead, we put our “strong” on and sweep them under the rug with a “this too shall pass” additude. Leah Carver is here today to help teach us how we can better interpret the messages from our bodies, tap into our power, and build sustainable energy.